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Activities | Dolomites Passport the official app of the UNESCO Dolomites Heritage Site

19 April 2017


Dolomites Passport

the official app of the UNESCO Dolomites Heritage Site

Image a real virtual passport with your photograph, name and surname to take with you on your exploration of the most beautiful fossil archipelago in the world, the UNESCO Dolomites!


Developed in conjunction with the new website, the Dolomites Passport app accompanies visitors as they explore the wonders of the Dolomites Natural Heritage Site. A UNESCO Dolomites Foundation project, it was made possible thanks to the support of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (Italian law 77/2006 for the protection and use of UNESCO-protected sites throughout Italy) and involved:Veneto Promozione e Regione Veneto, Trentino Marketing e Provincia Autonoma di Trento, IDM – Südtirol e Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano, Promoturismo FVG e Regione autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia.


Dolomites Passport 2.0

The Dolomites Passport app is a modern-day version of the Dolomites Passport, the original booklet which real lovers of the Dolomites still use and guard jealously. With the paper passport, every time you visit a refuge, you get your passport stamped by the owner, showing you have visited it. It is a way of keeping track of where you have been and remembering the unforgettable emotions that only the mountains can convey. While your emotions remain the same, the app can make your trip more enjoyable with practical information available anywhere and everywhere, irrespective of your Internet connection.


Dolomites Passport, challenge your friends and become an unbeatable discoverer of the UNESCO Dolomites!

As well as giving you information about the most beautiful Natural Heritage Site in the world, the Dolomites Passport app keeps track of your route. The traditional stamps collected in the paper version of the Dolomites Passport are integrated into the app in the form of badges. Every time a walker reaches a place of interest, whether it is a panoramic balcony, a refuge, a museum or one of the visitor centres in the parks, he can ‘check in’. This interactive feature allows him to earn points, creating a profile which can range from shy to invincible explorer, from curious to determined curator, from fearless to super discoverer. A variety of factors help determine the score and the profile. The challenge is to reach the top spot on the podium: invincible discoverer!


There are 66 refuges in the UNESCO Dolomites and each one is different yet representative of the core zone of the Heritage Site. The app provides a data sheet for each refuge with a map and contact details.


The Dolomites offer a variety of museums which combine nature and culture, history and innovation, tradition and research, ethnography and folk culture to illustrate the Dolomites from different points of view. Each museum has a dedicated entry with all the practical information you need for your visit.


For the first time, a single app brings together all the Visitor Centres in the 10 protected areas in the UNESCO Dolomites Site. Lots of information including visiting times which are constantly updated so you can explore this natural wonder and discover why the Dolomites are so special.


Directions are given to help you reach the panoramic balconies where you can admire the stunning, unforgettable scenery of the Dolomites World Heritage Site. An ever-increasing list.


The Dolomites Passport app is free and available for

iOS from the App Store and ANDROID from Google Play

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