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News | Pelmo d’Oro 2017: the Special UNESCO Dolomites Prize goes to Sergio Reolon

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31 July 2017


Pelmo d’Oro 2017:

the Special UNESCO Dolomites Prize goes to Sergio Reolon

For the very first time, a Special Prize dedicated to the Dolomites World Heritage, set up by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, is included in the 20th edition of the Pelmo d’Oro Award. The Special Prize goes to Sergio Reolon

The award ceremony was held in Mel in the province of Belluno on Saturday 29 July.

Pelmo d’Oro

Set up in 1997 by the Province of Belluno, the “Pelmo d’Oro” prize pays tribute to people, public and private organisations and associations involved in climbing, Alpine solidarity, the protection and promotion of the environment and local resources, knowledge and promotion of the culture, history and traditions of the communities living in the Dolomiti Bellunesi.


The Special UNESCO Dolomites Prize goes to Sergio Reolon

The Special UNESCO Dolomites Prize 2017 was awarded to Sergio Reolon with the following motivation:

“A life spent at the service of the community, dedicated to the mountains and its people, social justice and civil rights. His work went way beyond the boundaries of the province of Belluno and his lucid, farsighted vision stretched throughout and beyond the Alps. His most significant contribution was his long and passionate campaign, carried out in close collaboration with the other provincial and regional authorities, to insert the Dolomites on the UNESCO World Heritage List”.

The Special UNESCO Dolomites Prize is awarded to people (even posthumously), associations, public and private organisations regarding specific themes and its intent is to heighten awareness of UNESCO recognition to promote culture, tourism, the geological, landscape and natural importance and the quality of the Dolomites.

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