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News | Training course for administrators and opinion leaders in the UNESCO Dolomites Area: applications now open

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10 August 2017


Course for administrators and opinion leaders

Governance, Participation, Culture, Values and Communication in a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site


Once again this year, the course sponsored by the Education and Scientific Research Network of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundations will take place at MUSE in Trento on 22 and 28 September and 5 October.

This course for administrators and opinion leaders is intended as a refresher course in expertise in governance, focussing on drawing up strategies to make the most of UNESCO accreditation of the Dolomites.

It also aims to identify essential values which bear witness to the distinctive characteristics of the UNESCO Dolomites and provide methods and tools to enable them to be effectively promoted.



Governance is crucial if we are to make the most of UNESCO accreditation of the Dolomites, as is the ability to encourage and identify new values and new opportunities for social and economic development in the territories.

All the administrators of the various institutions, ranging from the municipalities to intermediate bodies and the provinces and regions, therefore play a fundamental role in developing strategies to enhance the UNESCO Dolomites Natural Heritage, alongside opinion leaders and members of the many communities who can come up with new strategies and a new take on the heritage and its existing resources.

The course is therefore open to 15 administrators and opinion leaders/promoters, such as tourist board representatives, associations and economic workers in the territories belonging to the UNESCO Dolomites.



The aim of the course is to teach the following skills:
• identify the distinctive characteristics of the UNESCO Dolomites Natural Heritage Site;
• define strategies to culturally and economically enhance the natural Heritage;
• learn about communication and institutional and system marketing activities;
• manage the communication, dissemination and enhancement of values;
• set up working partnerships and networks throughout the territory which are then developed locally;
• liaise between all those involved to share and enhance the values.

For more information about please visit the TSM page.

Consult the brochure of the Course for Administrators and Opinion Leaders.

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