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6 March 2019

Our website: visitdolomites.com is also changing its look, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Dolomites’ inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is a way to promote the Dolomites as a whole, while also focusing on the special character of each area.

A new look

The joint promotion of this complex and varied asset is one of the main tasks of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, and involves implementing the Overall Management Strategy agreed by the various regions and provinces in the Dolomites. This is why the website: visitdolomites.com has been active since the spring of 2017. The site was created by the Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and the various provincial and regional tourism agencies. It’s a way to promote the Dolomites as a whole, while highlighting the special features of each mountain system and the surrounding area. Now the site has a new graphic look, making it even more effective.

From the virtual to the real

Prospective visitors to the Dolomites can now explore the area in a virtual way by going to: visitdolomites.com, travelling through the protected areas that constitute 95% of the World Heritage Site, visiting the mountain huts spread throughout the whole area, the museums revealing different aspects of the territory, and the scenic viewpoints that reveal it in all its glory.

There’s a special focus on Accessible Dolomites, with lists and maps of paths that are easy to access, together with context and detailed descriptions. These routes are suitable both for families with pushchairs and for people with disabilities.

The new visitdolomites.com website also includes a highly innovative feature called the “Trek Finder”. This allows you to explore in a virtual way dozens of paths mapped with Street View technology, taking you to the heart of the Dolomites World Heritage Site.

A virtual visit is just a preview to a real one, which should be accompanied by all the care and sense of responsibility that the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation advocates everywhere and at every time, so that all mountain visitors will undertake even the easiest of excursions with prudence, respect for the environment, and full awareness of their limits.

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