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28 March 2019

The fund-raising campaign for restoring the Serrai di Sottoguda closed on 31st December 2019. Thanks to the generosity, creativity and affection of many we managed to raise more than 420.000€!


424.457,55 € donation amount

849 m covered route

96 donors


A sense of shared commitment

On October 29th 2018, Storm Vaia brought terrible destruction to the Dolomites, and images of the pain and misery it caused remain etched in our memories and our hearts. But our sense of impotence was soon replaced by a determination to act.

The restoration project

Storm Vaia of October 29, 2018 destroyed the pedestrian route, making the bridges, barriers and rock walls totally impassable, and carrying away the material from the Pettorina river-bed. The spectacular gorge that links Mount Marmolada to Sottoguda, one of “Italy’s most beautiful villages”, is now inaccessible. The restoration project is going to offer the best combination of:

  • environmental sustainability;

  • accessible access for people with disabilities;

  • innovation and adaptability to climate change (which may trigger similar events);

  • enhancement of various aspects of the Serrai, in relation to its geology, geomorphology, landscape and historical background.

Why the Serrai in particular?

There are various reasons why the Serrai di Sottoguda was chosen for this highly symbolic initiative. Here are some of them:

  1. The gorge is one of the main entry points to the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. This amazing gorge, carved into the rock by glacial erosion and by the action of the Pettorina river, allows direct access to the Queen of the Dolomites, the Marmolada.

  2. Walking through the gorge is an extraordinary experience, bringing you up close to the “sublime” essence of the Dolomites.

  3. The steep rocky walls can be read like pages in the history of the Earth, but the route can also be easily managed and enjoyed by anyone: families, the elderly, or people with disabilities.

  4. The cliffs are made up of the same limestone rock as Mount Marmolada, formed about 235 million years ago and so not subjected to the process of “dolomitisation”. These walls are therefore a valuable resource in terms of geology.

  5. In summer, the Serrai gorge is a popular choice for easy walks. In winter, these cliffs soaring up hundreds of metres become coated in ice, which takes on extraordinary forms to the delight of ice-climbing enthusiasts.

  6. For the Municipality of Rocca Pietore, the community hardest hit by Storm Vaia, the gorge is a vital source of income.

The protagonists

The fundraising campaign was the result of intensive teamwork by a group that worked well together:

  1. the municipality of Rocca Pietore, which is leading the planning and restoration;
  2. the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, which organised the fundraising campaign, supported the planning with 200.000€ and donated the proceeds from the sale of its own information material;
  3. all persons, associations and companies that participated in the fundraising campaign.

Donors who have associated their own names with the initiative:

Bertoldo Luisa srl
Alberto Bertoldo
Anna Bertoldo
Bruno Bertoldo
Maria Angela Sartori
Silvia Bertoldo
Archeosusegana Aps
Cugini Da Gai Conegliano-Roma
Fabrizio Muzzi
Laura Gasparini
Alessandra Rossi
Mario Fiscon
Alberto Bussolari
Jessica Soglia
Microart Aps
Cai di Parma – Raduno Family Cai 2019
Marco Bonadeo
Alice Fontana e Alessandro Grisenti
Leonarda Spinelli
Carlo Maria Nizzola
Luca Da Ros
Marmolada Srl
Tommaso Viel
Giovanni De Nardo
Pubblico Dolomites UNESCO Fest
Morena Vecchi
Dario Pozzobon
Pubblico Dolomiti Days
Marco Raimondo Passerini
Pubblico Cerimonia Celebrativa 10 Anni Dolomiti Unesco
Mariangela Cadorin
Pietro Badaloni
Francesca Zulian
Classe 4^ Scuola Mario Merlin di Chioggia Maestre Odetta e Fulvia
Federico Pontarin
Luca Pollero
Davide Biason
Michele Sorteni
Pubblico Trento Film Festival
Giorgio Zanella
Fiorenzo Stevanato
Paola Forcellini
Andrea Casazza
Riccarda De Eccher
Sauro Trombini
Alessandro Pegoraro
Agostino Bertoldo
Loredana Nava
Matteo Vianello
Andrea Silvani
Francesca Castelli
Alessio Rossi
Elisa De Nardin
Adolfo Da Rold
Lorenzo Bossi
Roberta Campanini
Giulia Gasparato
Aldo Soraru’
Art Trekking Italia
Giovanni Visonà
Monica Magri
Renzo Varazzi
Vittorio Pison
Diego De Pasqual
Manuela Crepaz
Natalia Ceccato
Doriano Mognon
Susanna Cro
Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova E Rovigo
Istituto Comprensivo “Rodari” di Santa Giustina
Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO

Ph. Comune di Rocca Pietore

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