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Activities | Spotlight on the Dolomites with National Geographic in Zagreb

23 May 2016

With 50 photographs on display, visitors will be taken on a journey through the Dolomites, which UNESCO inscribed on its World Heritage List in 2009.

“They looked so out of place with the green slopes they sat on that we began to believe they were stone icebergs that could have easily drifted away, leaving no trace of their presence on the land”

This is how English travellers and writers Josiah Gilbert and George Cheetham Churchill described their amazement when they first saw the Dolomites.

When you see these mountains, you rub your eyes in incredulity, afraid that the next time you look, all those peaks and summits may have vanished into thin air”


The exhibition is a joint venture between National Geographic Croatia and the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation

The photographic exhibition, entitled ‘Dolomiti – il cuore di pietra del mondo’, will be presented on Wednesday 1 June 2016 at the National Archaeological Museum of Zagreb and will be open to the public until 10 July 2016.

Using a Hasselblad camera, the famous photographer from Merano, Georg Tappeiner, took photos which release a primeval force, even managing to capture shooting stars as they streak fleetingly across the sky, lighting up the monumental rock faces of the Dolomites.

Georg Tappeiner was born in Merano in 1964. He spent ten years in London working as an advertising photographer, later settling in Milan. In 2005 he began exploring the Dolomites, capturing the magic of the stunning natural beauty of the mountains designated a World Heritage Site. His photos have featured in a large number of magazines, including the Italian edition of “Geo” and the German edition of “National Geographic”. He has been a Supporter of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation for a number of years now.

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