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Activities | The Dolomite Passes. Now published, the EURAC study commissioned by the Foundation

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23 November 2015

The UNESCO Dolomite Foundation commissioned the Institute for Regional Development and Land Management of the European Academy of Bolzano (EURAC), to carry out a study, from March 2014 to April 2015, of traffic in the Dolomite mountain passes.

The study entitled The Dolomite Passes. An analysis of traffic and its impact and proposals for its management can now be read online, right here.

The EURAC team carried out a series of surveys to enable them to collect some scientific data that would be of use in the debate on managing mobility in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and for drawing up the Strategy for sustainable tourism and the Overall Management Strategy, two planning tasks the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation is working on.

The EURAC team used a number of methods to gain an overview of the current situation, from analysing data from automated machine sources, to taking samples, from qualitative interviews to collecting examples of good practice.

The study also takes into account such factors as the impact of noise and environmental pollution, an analysis of the habits of visitors and the part played by these in their choice of transport, a comparison of through and stationary traffic and expectations arising from the area being a World Heritage Site.

For a full analysis of traffic in the Dolomite passes and the various solutions considered, see the complete study The Dolomite Passes. An analysis of traffic and its impact and proposals for its management.

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