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Activities | Spotlight on the UNESCO Dolomites in Prague with National Geographic

12 April 2017

Spotlight on the UNESCO Dolomites in Prague with National Geographic


‘The Dolomites. The heart of stone on the Earth’, 50 shots by photographer Georg Tappeiner


“Today is a great day: organising an exhibition about the UNESCO Dolomites in the heart of Prague is no mean feat and it is further demonstration of how the spirit of collaboration which accompanies all the activities of the Foundation, the platform which brings together public and private concerns in constructive dialogue, is the key to success” said Mariagrazia Santoro, President of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, as she invited the many journalists in attendance to visit the Dolomites and use the new website to organise their trip.

Vice President Mauro Gilmozzi reminded those present that “the Foundation is a network that helps us push back barriers, because only by working together can we rise to the challenges for a more sustainable world. Here we are in Prague, a single territory that shares a single UNESCO Property, despite its many differences”.


The photographic exhibition ‘Dolomiti. Il cuore di pietra del mondo’ (The Dolomites – the heart of stone on the Earth) was inaugurated on 3 May in Prague and is a collection of 50 pictures of the UNESCO Dolomites Natural Property taken over the years by the photographer from Merano, Georg Tappeiner. The exhibition was organised by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation in collaboration with National Geographic in the Czech Republic and the Italian Embassy in Prague and the inauguration was attended by the Italian Ambassador to Prague Aldo Amati, the featured photographer Georg Tappeiner, Tomáš Tureček, editor-in-chief of National Geographic in the Czech Republic, President of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation Mariagrazia Santoro and Vice President Mauro Gilmozzi, councillor of the Autonomous Province of Trento Pietro De Godenz and Director of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation Marcella Morandini.

“The Dolomites are an integral part of the Czech Republic’s culture and I hope events like this encourage more people to visit areas of outstanding beauty like the Dolomites” commented the Ambassador to Prague, Aldo Amati.


The exhibition ‘Dolomiti – il cuore di pietra del mondo’ (The Dolomites – the heart of stone on the Earth), which was inaugurated on 3 May, at Galerie Novoměstské radnice in Prague and will be open to the public until 28 May 2017.

Using a Hasselblad camera, the famous photographer from Merano, Georg Tappeiner, took photos which release a primeval force, even managing to capture shooting stars as they streak fleetingly across the sky, lighting up the monumental rock faces of the Dolomites.

It is a travelling photographic exhibition and last year the UNESCO Dolomites were the protagonist of a similar exhibition, that time in Zagreb at the National Archaeological Museum.


Georg Tappeiner was born in Merano in 1964. He spent ten years in London working as an advertising photographer, later settling in Milan. In 2005 he began exploring the Dolomites, capturing the magic of the stunning natural beauty of the mountains designated a World Heritage Site. His photos have featured in a large number of magazines, including the Italian edition of “Geo” and the German edition of “National Geographic”. He has been a Supporter of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation for a number of years now.


Ph. Georg Tappeiner


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