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Activities | Journey in the archipelago of the Dolomites UNESCO Mountain Huts

6 July 2017


Journey in the archipelago of the Dolomites UNESCO Mountain Huts:

a chance to meet Vito Mancuso, Nives Meroi and Manolo


14 July 2017 marks the beginning of the ‘Journey in the archipelago of the Dolomites UNESCO Mountain Huts’, a series of cultural meetings involving the Roda di Vael mountain hut with Vito Mancuso (14 July), the Pordenone mountain hut with Nives Meroi (16 July) and the Città di Fiume mountain hut with Manolo (27 August)!

Three stages of a journey through the heart of the UNESCO Dolomites World Heritage Site to explore the many aspects which are unique to these mountains. The owners of the Città di Fiume, Pordenone and Roda di Vael mountain hut came up with the idea and the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation was quick to come on board.

The project kicks off on Friday 14 July with Vito Mancuso and his talk entitled ”Being responsible for beauty”. The event begins at 11.00 am at the Roda di Vael mountain hut, which is located on Sella del Ciampaz at 2,283 m in the Catinaccio mountain group.

The second appointment is scheduled for Sunday 16 July at the Pordenone mountain hut, which lies at the entrance to the valley leading to the famous Campanil di Val Montanaia. At 11.00 am the mountain climbers Nives Meroi and Romano Benet will be giving a thrilling account of their life and adventures.

The last appointment in the cultural ‘Journey in the archipelago of the Dolomites UNESCO Mountain Huts’ will take place on Sunday 27 August at 11.00 am at the foot of Mount Pelmo. The Città di Fiume mountain hut will be the venue for the meeting with Manolo who will discuss the concept of limits in sport climbing and his philosophy of high-altitude living “always hanging in the balance”.


The three events will be moderated by the journalist Fausta Slanzi

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