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This page contains the description of how the website is run with regard to the use of cookies and the related processing of the personal data of the users visiting it.

Please visit the Privacy section to learn about our website’s security policies, who the Data Controller is, the list of Data Processors, how the data are processed and the rights of the data subjects (pursuant to Art. 7 of Leg. Decree No. 196/2003).

Cookies are short strings of text that the visited websites send to the user’s device (desktop, tablet, smartphone, notebook), where they are stored and then resent to the same websites on the user’s next visit. They are used to carry out IT authentications, session monitoring and information memorisation on the websites (without the use of the so-called ‘technical’ cookies, some operations would prove too difficult or even impossible to be carried out). While navigating a website, a user’s device also may receive cookies sent from other websites or servers (so-called ‘third parties’), on which some elements (such as images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains, for example) present on the website being visited may reside.

Cookie are classified into two categories: ‘technical’ cookies and ‘profiling’ cookies.


Technical cookies allow for easy use of the website and easier retrieval of information, thereby simplifying data connection and transmission between user and website.

We use:

  • Navigation or session cookies: they ensure normal website navigation and use, allowing to save user preferences and to manage the sessions, for example;

  • Functional cookies: they allow the user to navigate in function of a set of selected criteria such as the selection of a box or the personalisation of a page, for example, in order to improve the service supplied.

These types of cookies can be either temporary or persistent, according to need.

We inform you that you can authorise, limit or block cookies via the browser settings , but if you set your device so as to refuse these cookies, please be warned that some services may not be displayed correctly or not work properly. This is also to inform you that the preference as regards the use of cookies that you have expressed in the banner displayed when first opening the website is tracked using a technical cookie that cannot be deleted because we need it in order to comply with the cookie use regulations.


Profiling cookies. They are permanent cookies used to identify (anonymously and non-anonymously) the user’s preferences and to improve the user’s navigation experience.


Cookies for using the CMS (navigation cookies)

The exclusive function of the cookies is to recognise logged-on users and allow their navigation throughout the website, including in client areas.

Language selection cookies (navigation cookies)

These cookies store the preferences regarding the language selected for website navigation.

Google Analytics cookies

The website uses this type of web analysis service supplied by Google Inc. to obtain aggregate statistic information in order to assess the use of the website and the activities performed by the visitor. Google stores the information collected by the cookies on servers that may also be located in the USA. Google reserves the right to transfer the data collected via its cookies to third parties where this is required by law or when the third party processes information on its behalf. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data in Google’s possession in order to obtain a more detailed user profile. Further information regarding the management of privacy and/or how to disable or remove this kind of cookie is available at the URL:
The user may selectively disable the action of Google Analytics by installing on its browser the opt-out component provided by Google. To disable data collection by Google Analytics, please visit the following link:

Third party cookies

While visiting our website, you may notice some cookies not connected to our website. When consulting a page that has contents coming from Google Maps, Vimeo or YouTube, for example, the cookies of these websites may appear. Our website cannot control the dissemination of these cookies.

For more information about these cookies, please visit the corresponding websites.

Interaction and social network cookies

Our website sometimes uses, in an inconstant manner, YouTube and Vimeo videos, contents from the social networks Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and in general, based on need, the embeddable contents of other platforms. Our website cannot control the cookies that these third-party websites issue and for this reason we suggest you gain more information directly from each third party so as to learn how to control these cookies. Following is a list of links that explain the cookie policies of the third parties mentioned:


You can manage and/or check cookies as you like – to learn more, visit You can clear the cookies already present in your computer and set almost all bowsers so as to block their installation. Should you choose the latter option, you will have to manually change some preferences each time you visit the website and possibly some services or specific functions may not be available to you.


This section provides the information on how to disable the cookies on your browser. Please remember that by disabling the cookies some parts of the website may not work properly. If your browser is not in the list given below, please consult the instruction given by your browser as regards cookies management.

Internet Explorer version 6 or higher

  • Select “Tools” in the browser toolbar
  • Select “Internet options”
  • Select the “Privacy” tab and then click on “Advanced”
  • Select “Override automatic cookie handling”
  • Disable “Cookies of displayed websites” by selecting the “Block” tab
  • Disable “Third-party cookies” by selecting the “Block” tab
  • Disable “Session cookies” by deselecting the “Always allow session cookies” tab
  • Click on ‘OK’

Firefox version 9 or higher

  • Select “Tools” in the browser toolbar
  • Select “Options”
  • Select the “Privacy” tab
  • In the “Remember history” area select from the drop menu the option “Use custom settings for history”
  • Disable the cookies by deselecting the “Accept cookies from sites” tab
  • Click on ‘OK’

Google Chrome version 24 or higher

  • Select “Chrome menu” in the browser toolbar
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “Show advanced settings”
  • In the “Privacy” section click on “Content settings”
  • Disable all cookies by selecting “Allow local data to be set” and “Block third party cookies and site data”
  • Click on ‘OK’
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