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The Dolomites on Google Street View

The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation is the first Italian organisation to sign up to the Google Trekker Loan Program, so from today it will be possible to enjoy the Dolomites online, whether you’re in New York, Calcutta or anywhere else, using Google Maps Street View.

The project to map some of the most popular footpaths in the systems that make up the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site was launched at the end of summer 2014.

People travelled along the footpaths with a Google Trekker backpack, lugging 25 kilos of equipment in a metal framework studded with an aerial and 15 cameras shooting thousands of stunning views at a startling rate of eight every ten seconds.

This sequence of geo-referenced pictures then makes up the online route allowing anyone, anywhere from Buenos Aires to Palermo, to take a virtual stroll in the Dolomites.

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