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News | Dolomitization: have fun discovering the Dolomites

16 December 2015

Dolomitization is an interactive game for discovering the Dolomites, with both an educational and promotional aim. The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation commissioned Dolomiti Project and Royal 360 to create the game.

Using a set of scenic photographs plus information and quizzes, the game tells the story of the Dolomites from the scientific, historic and natural history points of view.

Players of Dolomitization are immediately plunged into the stunning natural scenery of the Dolomites UNESCO World heritage Site, then as they navigate their way through the photographs they discover all the fascinating facts about the Dolomites’ history and landscape.

Glaciers, dinosaurs, ancient archipelagos, different rocks and their history: the Dolomites have never been so absorbing or interactive.
All users can mark out their own personal route as a conservationist, geologist, explorer or landscape painter, delving at will into the clues hidden among craggy peaks, pasturelands and mountain lakes.

The stunning semi-circular photographs, both day and night-time scenes, will take your breath away and the soundtrack of music or environmental sounds further enhances the fascination of this entertaining multi-media communications tool.

Link to Dolomitization here

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