9×1=Dolomites, watch the video online

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Nine systems, one World Heritage Property

The Dolomites seen through the eyes of those who live and work in the UNESCO Dolomites site. Watch the online video of the conference-show held on 3 December at Teatro Navalge in Moena in conjunction with the Comun General de Fascia – the Reserve Network.


The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation organised a fabulous evening entitled 9×1=Dolomites in conjunction with the Comun General de Fascia – the Reserve Network which starred the residents of the Dolomites. The conference-show was held in Moena at the Teatro Navalge on Saturday 3 December.

The evening was animated by the large, interested audience and the new, lively, fast-moving format used to illustrate the nine islands which make up the fossil archipelago of the Dolomites.

Under the guidance of Fausta Slanzi and Rosario Fichera, a variety of guests took to the stage to share their opinions on the importance of UNESCO inscription.

The President of the Foundation Mariagrazia Santoro reminded those present that UNESCO recognition is a cultural challenge that requires each of us, however different we may be, to work together to manage the Heritage. Mauro Gilmozzi, Vice President of the Foundation, spoke of the opportunities the inscription offered and underlined how important it was for all the communities to work together to plan the present and future of the Property.

Watch the video of the evening produced by Giacomo Gabrielli’s Filmart.