A Master’s degree in mountain emergencies

This Master’s course by the University of Padua will take place at the Via Borgo Ruga campus in Feltre, from November 2020 to September 2021. The course is entitled: “Prevention and emergency in the mountains and at high altitude”.

Training rescuers

The world of mountain rescue and emergency is constantly changing, and so it is vital to offer refresher courses for those working in this field. This Master’s is designed for professionals who are required to have a range of skills: preventive care, emergency nursing and psychological support. The course will also offer training in terms of organisation and operational planning, to help participants arrange and manage critical issues.

Complex skills

Knowing what to do is not enough: you need to know how to do it. This sums up the complex mix of skills that the course aims to offer students. Participants will be trained to work in a multidisciplinary way. In addition to technical and organisational skills, there will also be a focus on psychological support (a vital aspect for both users and operators), and on legal and forensic issues. Further information can be found at: UNIPD.

Ph. Dimitri De Gol