An anthology of stories and flavours

On, you can browse through the quality products of the Dolomites World Heritage site and discover the stories of the people who cultivate and transform them.

What is active conservation? Ask them…

Visitdolomites is the portal through which you can virtually enter the World Heritage site and visit the Parks, mountain huts, alpine trails and viewing platforms , identify the paths accessible even to those with mobility issues, and discover the cultural wealth preserved in the museums. And now, you can also identify and get to know the producers who have joined the quality network created by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation.

The World Heritage concept of “active conservation” is nowhere more evident than in the agri-food sector; the protagonists are cultivators of biodiversity and true proponents of a sustainable economy anchored to the uniqueness of the Dolomites valleys. Learning about them means fully understanding the unique qualities of each place and the care required to preserve it, because fruit and vegetable growers, breeders, winegrowers, brewers and beekeepers are the sentinels of biodiversity.

The landscape and its architects

Nature, time and mankind have contributed to shaping that Dolomites landscape recognised by UNESCO as being one of a kind the world. Farmers and breeders who produce certified quality products contribute to its preservation and protection, and that is why the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation has decided to network producers from all the provinces and regions of the Dolomites. The network is also an opportunity to create dialogue between different experiences and put the valleys in communication with their traditions and their unique aspects.

The treasure map

Visitdolomites is a treasure map, and reading it is already a foretaste of the complex treasure which is the sum of all these “clues”. This is not a metaphor; the map really exists and allows you to view everything that the region has to offer. If you are interested in going to a mountain hut, one click is enough to show you the producers and products that characterise the surrounding area, what museums you can visit when returning from an excursion, and which park visitor centre can answer the questions that came up while you were crossing over the landscape.

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