Annual Mountain Hut Managers meeting in Pieve di Cadore

For many mountain huts, autumn is a time for balancing budgets and for some well-deserved rest. And for the seventh consecutive year, it is also a time for the World Heritage Site Mountain Hut Managers to compare notes. This year’s meeting will take place on 16 and 17 November at the headquarters of the Magnifica Comunità in Pieve di Cadore.

Pieve di Cadore, foto di Alessandra Masi

Adapting to the climate crisis

The programme is still being finalised, but will include, as always, an excursion for a reading of the Dolomites landscape with geologist Emiliano Oddone and of the Cadore cultural context with Matteo Da Deppo, director of the Magnifica Comunità di Cadore. This will be followed by training, this year on the topic of the global and local climate crisis. The session will feature talks by climatologist Roberto Barbiero and cryosphere expert Anselmo Cagnati. As always, the two-day event will feature a direct, functional discussion among mountain hut managers. This year’s focus will be on strategies for adapting to the crisis, naturally targeting the issue of water supply, which has already been the focal point of several initiatives in recent years, such as the #mountainhutlife campaign, aimed at helping users understand what goes on behind the scenes at a facility at high altitude.

A traveling meeting

After Predazzo, Bressanone, Val di Zoldo, Primiero San Martino di Castrozza, St. Vigil (and Cimolais, hosted virtually, because of Covid, by Rifugio Pordenone) it is now the turn of Pieve di Cadore, where mountain hut managers from the core area of the Dolomites World Heritage Site will be guests of the Magnifica Comunità di Pieve di Cadore. Many managers consider the meeting to be an indispensable reference point for exchanging best practices and understanding the issues, dynamics and solutions adopted in various contexts.