Becoming Heritage professionals

The Dolomites are a natural Heritage recognised by UNESCO for their geological and landscape uniqueness. But this recognition also considers many cultural values, connected with everything that during the centuries the populations that cared for them were able to express. In Italy, the dialogue between the Sites of the Natural Heritage and those of the Cultural Heritage is a must in order to ensure efficient safeguard that extends to the whole territory. In both cases, there is no shortage of professional figures engaged in this crossover “mission”. And here is the chance to become a cultural Heritage “professional”.

To Heritage school, working for the Heritage

The online selection of the new students for the “2020/2022 Heritage School” course is now open. This is a high specialisation and research course aimed at training the cultural heritage professionals of the future. Time is of the essence: applications must be received not later than 6 April, and only twenty places are available. The course is open to individuals possessing advanced university degrees relating to Heritage and cultural activities. The way we manage cultural heritage conservation activities is constantly evolving. This means that we need professionals with advanced skills, but also possessing the specific Heritage management skills required.

Intensive education… for whom?

Lessons, seminars, training, research, study visits. Those who will attend Heritage School can expect two intense years. The course is open to archaeologists, architects, landscapers and conservationists, arts historians, anthropologists, archivists, librarians and other cultural activity specialists. Participants will be selected through a public procedure based on qualifications and experience, a written test and an interview. In addition to a higher level degree, there is a maximum age requirement of 35. All information is available on the website of Fondazione Scuola Beni Attività Culturali.