In search of the Best of Dolomites: 9 photographic hikes in the Dolomites

The Dolomites are probably one of the most photographed places in the world. And we all know the reason why: they offer endless opportunities to amaze and be amazed.


Try asking even the most accomplished photographer what his best shot of the Dolomites is… and his answer will always be: “The next one”. So, if you are in search of that “next” shot, now you have a golden opportunity, well nine actually. Alberto Bregani and Mirko Sotgiu, the founder of “”, will take you through the stunning Dolomites on three- or four-day hikes. At dawn, sunset and night… with the chance to exchange impressions, information and experiences and learn what is so special about the areas you visit, thanks also to the support of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation and the Alpine Guides.


The first hike will visit the Puez-Odle system from 16 to 18 March, with its snow shoe walks and Ladin legends, then it will be on to the Dolomiti di Brenta over the May Bank Holiday weekend (from 28 April) where you will seek out waterfalls and streams as the ice melts. From 18 to 20 May, the focus will be on prehistory and geology thanks to the hike in the Bletterbach gorge, while you will need more than your wide-angle lens to capture the immensity of the Pale di San Martino plateau from 31 May to 3 June. From 22 to 24 June there will be a tribute to the Queen of the Dolomites, the Marmolada, then 12 – 15 July to King Laurin with the crossing of the Catinaccio. As summer comes to an end, hikers will set off for Pelmo, the “throne of God”, and Croda da Lago from 14 – 16 September. From 28 – 30 September the focus shifts to the Dolomiti Friulane with its awe-inspiring peaks and summits and the programme concludes with the autumnal colours of the Dolomiti d’Ampezzo and the Dolomiti di Sesto National Park from 19 – 21 October.



Alberto Bregani is a photographer and writer, one of the most authoritative figures in the world of black and white mountain photography. He was raised in Cortina and is an academic of the Gruppo Italiano Scrittori di Montagna (Italian Mountain Writers). His new book “La montagna in chiaroscuro. Piccolo saggio sul fotografare tra cime e sentieri” (The mountains in chiaroscuro. Short essay on photographing peaks and paths) came out in May 2017 (published by Ediciclo Editore).

Mirko Sotgiu is a professional photojournalist and filmmaker specialised in the mountains and extreme sports. He has made videos about travelling and outdoor sports and nature documentaries for RAI, ZDF and BSkyB. He is the founder of


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