Bonds with the Dolomites, exhibition in Mattarello

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Alessandra Bello, Alessia Bortolameotti, Alessandro Caon, Moreno Geremetta, Nicolò Miana, Patrick Odorizzi, Franco Oliveri, Anton Sessa, Andreas Tamanini and Georg Tappeiner. These are the ten extraordinary photographers who will be featured in the exhibition organised by one of them, Andreas Tamanini, with the support of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation. It will be held from 26 August to 3 September in the multipurpose room at Centro San Vigilio in Mattarello (TN) during the Santi Anzoi Festival.

The exhibition will be officially inaugurated on Sunday 26 August at 6.00 pm, and on Tuesday 28 at 9.00 pm the director of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, Marcella Morandini, will attend a screening of the documentary made by Piero Badaloni with the collaboration of Fausta Slanzi and photography and editing by Nicola Berti: “Dolomiti. Viaggio nell’arcipelago fossile” (The Dolomites. A Journey in the Fossil Archipelago”).


Everyone is familiar with the technical and artistic abilities of the artists, as they are some of the finest Dolomite photographers we have. Some of them do this for a living, while others have to fit in their outings in the mountains with their many engagements, but they all share the same spirit. In other words, not just their love for the Dolomites and their beautiful scenery, but a more deep-seated conviction that the early mornings, the hours spent waiting for a wild animal to appear and frozen hands during a snow storm can and must convey something more than merely the extraordinary beauty of the land: the extraordinary beauty of the relations that this land is able to build. The photographers are all UNESCO Dolomites Foundation supporters and their photographs, which all use different techniques, convey the unique character of the peaks, rock faces, forests and valleys in the Dolomites. Provenance is put to one side: photographers from Trentino have immortalised the Belluno mountains, those from Belluno the Alto Adige peaks and those from Alto Adige the Friulian summits. This heritage is “unique” because there is nothing quite like it in the world and because it is one, even though it is shared between different areas. Hence the need to build strong “bonds” to reveal the character of this unique land in an original and personal way like this.


The exhibition focuses on “bonds” with the land that is home to many different people and their stories. “One aspect of my work which gives it real meaning is being able to show these splendid mountains to the housebound, like the elderly and the disabled”, explained Andreas Tamanini at the inauguration of the exhibition which was held at the Trento Film Festival. On this particular occasion, the photographer’s sensitivity is for a good cause: some of the works can be purchased for a small contribution and part of the proceeds will go to the “Un Sogno Per Vincere Association” for research into cystic fibrosis, and part to the parish of San Leonardo in Mattarello.


– 26 August from 6.00 pm to 10.30 pm

– 27 – 28 – 29 – 30- 31 August from 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm

– 1 – 2 September from 10 am to 10.30 pm

– 3 September from 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm

Inauguration on 26 August at 6.00 pm


Sala polivalente del Centro Civico San Vigilio

via G. Poli 6

Matterello (TN)