Brenta, seminar on the power of inclusion

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A seminar entitled, “The power of inclusion – Community, promoting tourism, and corporate and personal enhancement” will take place in the Brenta Dolomites on the 13th and 14th of April. The meeting will give participants the opportunity to learn about models of personal and corporate well-being which have been developed in recent years through experiences focused on the values of accessibility and inclusion through sport and outdoor activities, particularly in the Dolomites World Heritage Site.

Sentiero accessibile Dolomiti

Why talk about inclusion?

The seminar is being organised by Dolomiti Open, in collaboration with Tsm|adm Accademia della Montagna (Mountain School) in partnership with Apt Dolomiti Paganella, Apt Madonna di Campiglio and the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation. The synergies sparked on this occasion also confirm a modus operandi that is already inclusive in itself, because it manages to bring together various subjects around a single objective – an objective which, in this case… is inclusion itself!

According to the organisers, this is a cross-sectional concept that requires constant activities to stimulate the economic realities and the social fabric in order to make it increasingly concrete. In fact, no single person or company can fail to consider diversity as an opportunity.

Why mention it here?

The alpine context emphasises the strength of the group as well as the need for everyone to overcome obstacles and confront their own limits. The seminar is particularly aimed at decision-makers and managers in the tourism sector, alpine professionals, teachers, educators and sports instructors, professionals interested in the issue of inclusion, Third sector associations and agencies, and companies looking for new motivational scenarios. You can see the complete programme for the initiative here.

Accessible trails

The collaboration between the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation and the various entities dealing with inclusion and accessibility in the Dolomites has been consolidated by means of the ‘Accessible Dolomites‘ project, which has led to the identification and mapping of 49 accessible routes and scenic overlooks throughout the Dolomites World Heritage Site. In view of the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the statement made by UNESCO Dolomites Foundation director Mara Nemela during a meeting held at Villa Gregoriana di San Marco d’Auronzo (Belluno) last September for parties interested in “Accessible Dolomites” is increasingly relevant: “The quality of the experience that everyone has the right to experience in the Dolomites depends on our ability to make them accessible, without discrimination and without compromising the very heritage that people wish to enjoy.”