Competition for ideas to renovate three bivouacs

The “Aldo Moro” bivouac in the Lagorai group, and the “Fiamme Gialle” and the “Renato Reali” in the Pale di San Martino group, all managed by the C.A.I. “Fiamme Gialle” of Predazzo, will be renovated with the help of a design competition. The theme of sustainable construction at high altitudes has been the focal point of numerous initiatives in recent months and collecting design ideas for the replacement of these three shelters could become another laboratory for participation and debate.

Il bivacco Fiamme Gialle

Ph. Bivacco Fiamme Gialle, GDF 

A shared idea

From the way in which mountain huts and bivouacs are designed, we can gain an understanding of how we imagine the use of the mountain for the next decades. This is a thought that had been expressed by UNESCO Dolomites Foundation president Mario Tonina on the occasion of the course organised last spring by the Trentino Order of Architects and that will be put to the practical test in the upcoming months thanks to the competition for concepts promoted by the CAI of Predazzo and presented on 20 October at the Guardia di Finanza Alpine School.

The notice was published on 7 November and the deadline for submitting projects is 19 January 2023. The best five projects submitted will be selected to participate in the second stage of the competition, the deadline for which is set for 19 April 2023.

The construction phase for the new bivouacs and the removal of the existing ones will be financed by the Autonomous Province of Trento, but the range of organisations and associations that are supporting the initiative is very broad. These include, of course, the sponsor, i.e. the C.A.I. “Fiamme Gialle” which had already planned the renovation of the historic bivouacs on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Alpine School of the Guardia di Finanza in 2020. Additional support comes from the Municipality of Primiero San Martino di Castrozza, the Municipality of Predazzo, the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, and B.I.M. Adige and Brenta, and the patronage of the Trentino Order of Architects, Trentino Marketing and the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation.

Where are the bivouacs?

The “Fiamme Gialle” bivouac dates back to 1967 and is located on the southern shoulder of Cimon della Pala, at an altitude of 3005 metres; the “Renato Reali” bivouac, dating back to 1970, can be found today within the Municipality of Primiero San Martino di Castrozza, in the central area of the Pale Group; and the “Aldo Moro” bivouac, from 1980, is located on the Coston dei Slavaci, on the Lagorai range at an altitude of 2600 metres. These are outdated structures with significant technical problems; this has led to the decision to replace them in compliance with the essential requirements of safety, comfort and environmental compatibility. The request put forth to the planners is to devise a single design for the three bivouacs, without disrupting the functions of emergency and occasional shelter and, of course, the designs should comply with current regulations. In other words, appropriate and functional facilities that fit into the delicate and fragile environment of the Dolomites are what is needed. Good luck to all involved!