Digital innovation to manage influxes to the mountains

Students participating in the “Samsung Innovation Camp”, a collaborative effort in which the University of Trento and the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation are also involved, will undertake a digital innovation project about raising awareness in visitors to the World Heritage site.

The presentation

On 5 October, Samsung Electronics Italia announced the launch of the new edition of the Samsung Innovation Camp at the University of Trento. The project, which was developed in collaboration with Randstad, and also involves the Universities of Eastern Piedmont, Catania and Verona, aims to train students in digital innovation. This year’s focus is on enhancing the natural, artistic and cultural heritage and helping support a sector, such as the cultural and tourism sector, which has been put to the test by the pandemic.

Innovation and flows: The students take the floor

The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation has taken hold of an opportunity to support the University of Trento in this goal by commissioning a student project for promoting increased awareness in visitors to the region; the project will be assigned at the end of the first module.

“The management of visitor flows is a real and urgent problem, and the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation is attempting to address it through a series of proposals based on an analysis of visitor behaviour. We believe that digital innovation can offer a crucial push towards a redistribution of flows and therefore towards quality tourism based on a better balance between the resident population, visitors and the region”, stated Mara Nemela, director of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation on the side-lines of the presentation. “Students will have the opportunity to actively contribute to the socio-economic wellbeing of the community in which we live by offering the UNESCO Dolomites innovative ideas and projects for the sustainable development of the region”, commented project coordinator Roberta Cuel of the Department of Economics and Management.

To participate and find out more about the project, please register on the website

Ph. Moreno Geremetta