The Dolomites Geotrail is now on outdooractive

The 47 stages and geostops of the Dolomites World Heritage Geotrail are now available on the portal, from which hiking descriptions, points of interest and trails (downloadable) of all routes for discovering the geological heritage of the Dolomites World Heritage Site can be viewed.

Vallon Popera nella foto di Moreno Geremetta

Ph. Moreno Geremetta, Vallon Popera 

Popularising Geological Heritage

The portal and the app allow users to create their own route and find those that are tailored to their needs, expectations and abilities. This is a natural landing place for the 47 stages of the Dolomites World Heritage Geotrail, whose primary purpose is to publicise the geological values that, along with the scenic values, brought about the inclusion of the Dolomites in the World Heritage List. It will now be much easier for users to discover excursions of high cultural, scientific and aesthetic value, stepping through the door of time to begin a journey that dates back some 300 million years. From the Brenta to the Friulian Dolomites, from the Odle to the Vette Feltrine, from the Triassic to the Miocene, the Dolomites World Heritage Geotrail represents an opportunity to immerse oneself in amazing history and the evidence left by time over hundreds of millions of years.

References and precautions

All the content that can be accessed on refers to the first geological portal of the Dolomites,; however, it should be noted that the entire 47-stage itinerary unfolds along existing trails and highways, which are not under the management of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation. Therefore, it is always a good idea to gather information on-site before embarking on a hike, using the many references given for each stage, in order to get the appropriate updates, for example, on the opening and condition of the trails. It is also advisable to always contact Alpine Guides and Mid-Mountain Guides, and take the length and difficulty of some of the 47 stages into account.