Dolomites UNESCO LabFest

Ever since 2014, Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO (the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation) has been organising the Dolomites UNESCO LabFest, the festival that is for the people and of the people of the Dolomites.

In its first year, LabFest took place in La Val, in Alta Badia (BZ), on the theme of haymaking and the management of fields in general.

LabFest is however, a project on the move, changing theme and location for every edition, visiting one by one each of the five provinces that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The aim of the festival is to provide opportunities for all those people who live the life of the Dolomites to get together and delve into all its geographic, cultural, linguistic and governmental complexities. Every year LabFest sparks a wide-ranging, lively debate on a topic of vital importance for the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

LabFest is a multi-faceted event, taking in dance, music, theatre, hiking, geology, the rich linguistic heritage, arts and crafts in all their forms and anything else that tells the story of all that it means to be part of the Dolomites experience.

LabFest is a project organised by Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO in partnership with the Association ISOIPSE.

Photo by Cosenude MediaProjects