Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site: Exhibition at the MUSE in Trento

The exhibition, created as part of the Training and Scientific Research Network of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, will be housed in the garden of the MUSE Science Museum in Trento from 24 July to 24 September.

The Dolomites preserve a heritage of tangible and intangible value that have made them universal icons of the mountains and have qualified them as an Asset for all of humanity. One-of-a-kind geological features stand out among the shapes and colours of the Dolomites in the midst of a cultural landscape shaped by alpine communities over the centuries.

The “Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site – Geological phenomena and human landscapes” exhibition developed by the Training and Scientific Research Network of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation and curated by MUSE Science Museum in Trento and by tsm|step School for the Management of the Region and Landscape, includes a lecture on the many facets that characterise the UNESCO Dolomites.

The Dolomites World Heritage Site, with its nine systems, constitutes the fulcrum of a larger living space and serves as a laboratory for active citizenship and civic responsibility while experiencing the integration of the natural environment, human landscape and populated areas. The Dolomites are mountains and, as such, they are in constant evolution. Moreover, the fragility of the environments makes it important for us to pursue an increasingly sustainable approach to life.

Through suggestive images, short texts and evocative illustrations, the 24 panels of the exhibition offer ideas and inspiration for getting to know this region, which has been a common heritage since 2009. It is crucial that we take good care of it, because being a citizen of the Dolomites today means being aware that the majestic beauty and viability of these landscapes depend on our safeguarding its delicate balances.