Behind the scenes of the Dolomites World Heritage Geotrail

The number of visitors to the Dolomites World Heritage Geotrail geological portal continues to climb. There is a growing awareness of the value of the geology and landscape of the Dolomites – the factors that led to them being listed as a World Heritage Site. The aim of the portal project is to ensure that this new-found knowledge translates into a slower and more conscious form of tourism in the Dolomites.

A long time in the making

A short tutorial has been created to help guide visitors along the different paths through themes, space and time, and to help them fully engage with the portal’s rich content. The material has been put together by a team of geologists, in collaboration with the provincial and regional authorities that make up the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation.


One of the main ways visitors to the portal are able to immerse themselves in space and time is through the use of spherical photos, which form the basis for the different levels of geological landscape information. Discover the behind-the-scenes story of the arduous task of creating these immersive shots in an interview with photographer Matteo Visintainer.