The “Dolomites Mountain School” is back

After the summer break, the meetings of the 7th edition of the “Dolomites Mountain School”, organised by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, have resumed. Following the events in Tolmezzo and Socchieve, held in May and June, it was Forni di Sopra’s turn to host a two-day event on the theme “Nature to be recovered and no longer forced”.

Monfalconi di Forni. Ph. Luciano Gaudenzio

Culture and landscape management

The “Dolomites Mountain School” was founded in 2017 as the “UNESCO Dolomites Summer School” with the aim of reflecting on the culture of the landscape and tools for its management. In 2023 as well, the training activities were primarily aimed at people both in public administration and in the private sector who work directly in and with the landscape, in order to delve into how it is changing, not only in light of the climate crisis, but also looking at all those changes that development, abandonment, exploitation or protective actions have brought about over the years.

Conclusion in Pontebba

The 2023 edition charted a course through the legacy of the past, the challenges of the climate crisis, and the need for action in terms of environmental recovery. The conclusion will be dedicated to visiting the mountains – the event will take place in Pontebba, at the Cinema Teatro Italia, on 10 November, and the speeches will focus on one of the most widely debated topics in recent years, affected by new tourist flows and the climate crisis, specifically: “New rules of behaviour for the many ways of visiting the mountains”.