Economy of the Common Property: a new documentary about the UNESCO Dolomites

“… at the moment I work on a farm on the way up to the Pordoi Pass. After work I help my uncle and aunt up here in Larzonei because they have a vegetable garden and grow a bit of hay. It’s what I want, being close to nature, here where I was born…”

Diego, farmer in the UNESCO Dolomites

The documentary ‘Economy of the Common Property’ tells the story of those who have chosen to live in the mountains and work in the different sectors of the Alpine economy. Thanks to the support of the Chambers of Commerce of Trento and Bolzano, the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation has embarked on a new journey to get to know some of the inhabitants of the Dolomites who have decided to set up business in their place of birth, focusing on quality, sustainability and innovation in order to enhance the Common Property.


The main characters of ‘Economy of the Common Property’

The documentary introduces us to a whole host of characters, starting with the extraordinary entrepreneur, Marta, who started off with a small vegetable patch growing medicinal plants at the foot of Sciliar and now has a medium-sized business. Then we meet chef Alessandro who lives near Latemar and serves up real sensory experiences using “Dolomite” ingredients. The documentary then tells the story of an extremely young farmer from the Belluno area, Diego, who has chosen to “live on the slopes”, growing barley and other cereals in the Belluno Dolomites. Next we see the spruce trees in the Paneveggio Forest whose wood has extraordinary resonant qualities so is used to make sound boards for pianos and musical instruments the world over. An analysis of the economy of the common property is then given by a businessman from the Badia Valley, Michil, who works in the hospitality industry and whose strategy of respect for guests to the Dolomites and sustainability has proved a recipe for success.

The documentary was made by Piero Badaloni with the collaboration of Fausta Slanzi and with photography and editing by Nicola Berti. The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation was commissioned to make ‘Economy of the Common Property’ by the Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handicrafts and Agriculture of the provinces of Trento and Bolzano.