Assessment models for coordination of policies for local areas

The study was prepared with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (Law no. 77 of 20 February 2006). The document analyses application, evaluation and implementation of general strategic planning for management of the Dolomiti-Dolomiten-Dolomites-Dolomitis UNESCO World Heritage Site in terms of sustainable tourism and the use of assessment models (carrying capacity) for coordination of policies for local areas.

The study was led by Cesare Micheletti, Scientific Consultant for the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, in collaboration with architect Loredana Ponticelli and with the support of the Development, Sustainable Tourism and Mobility Network.

The study aims to provide tools that support planning and management of the sustainable enjoyment of the Property, based on the indications of the Overall Management Strategy (which the Tourism Strategy is part of). The decision to further explore the concept of carrying capacity as a tool for assessment arose in response to the request from the World Heritage Commission, submitted at the time of inclusion of the Property in the List, to provide a strategy for the management of tourism and recreational activity that ensured their compatibility with the carrying capacity of the Property.

Considering the “serial” nature of the Property, two criteria have been included: assessment of the area’s ability to withstand changes (carrying capacity) and implementation of connections between the mountain groups making up the Property in order to increase functioning of the entire Dolomites system (connectivity conservation).

There are two tangible goals: preparation of an interpretative model of the “serial” Property that helps to clearly identify distinctive themes and limit complexity, and development of an effective assessment procedure that supports decision-making processes underlying management and planning decisions.

The aim is long-term preservation of the universal value of the Property, in the awareness that this largely depends on local communities in all of their different aspects (economic, social and cultural).

Document detailing assessment models (carrying capacity) for coordination of  policies for local areas of the Dolomites World Heritage Site [in Italian]