Galassi Mountain Hut: 50 reasons to say thank you

50 years of self-management: it is not only the birthday of a mountain hut, but also – and above all – a celebration of the many hundreds of men and women who have volunteered over the years, achieving the miracle of keeping this Alpine outpost open ever since 1970. The CAI of Mestre will be celebrating this golden partnership with Mount Antelao at the time of the COVID-19 emergency, but with all the same enthusiasm as every summer.

An extraordinary season, like all the others

The volunteers at CAI Maestre commented at the start of the season: “We won’t be able to have any large parties, but this won’t stop us seizing this extra opportunity to share a toast with our guests.” There is, of course, a desire to celebrate this important milestone, but the anti-COVID-19 measures require prudence, and so the order of the day is still “pragmatism”. The important thing is to stay safe when you come to the mountains and visit the mountain hut, and so you are asked to ensure you book, both for an overnight stay and for lunch.

Here’s our contribution to the party

Special wishes for all the volunteers at CAI Mestre are arriving from the whole world of the Dolomites, in addition to those directed at all mountain hut managers and mountain lovers. The spirit that motivates Galassi’s self-management team should also inspire the same spirit of collaboration in visitors to the Dolomites, at a time marked by a greater sense of responsibility, by an even more urgent focus on the common good, and by an abiding wish to live together and preserve our World Heritage. In a spirit of celebration, we returned to the Galassi mountain hut; here’s the video story we created for the series “Noi Dolomiti UNESCO” (“We are the UNESCO Dolomites”).