Geography of the Dolomites completely sold out

There are still some places available for just the first day of studies at the “G. Dal Piaz” Grammar School in Feltre, but the overall Geography course on the Vette Feltrine (from 8 to 10 July 2022), including the two-day tour, as usual, sold out in just a few days. The reason? To give you an idea, we recommend replaying the video of the last edition, held on the Pale di San Martino Plateau, between the Val di Gares and the Valle di San Lucano.

Willingness to learn and pass it on

This is nothing new. Year after year, this course, which is organised by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation and the Giovanni Angelini Foundation, attracts teachers from schools of all levels as well as CAI trainers, guides, and technicians from local authorities, to delve, boots on their feet, into the geological and environmental heritage of the various systems of the World Heritage Dolomites. This year, the focus is on a part of the rich and varied System 3 and is being held in collaboration with the Belluno Dolomites National Park and the CAI Feltre section. “Training the trainers” is the primary goal of the course, which allows for a multiplier effect of expertise and passion, igniting the interest of people who will then have the task of transferring their experience to others. Equally important goals are promoting educational paths focused on the landscape and sustainability as well as active citizenship, and learning a method of observing the landscape and the region in order to be able to teach people how to “read” them and understand their interrelated problems.

The programme

The geological, geomorphological, anthropological and environmental aspects of the Alpi Feltrine will be explored in depth; after the first day of study at the “G. Dal Piaz” Grammar School in Feltre, participants will climb to the mountain hut of the same name after crossing the large glacial cirques that characterise the western portion of the Vette Feltrine. On the third day, it will be time to cross the Vette (peaks), with a guided hike with stops, during which participants will be able to admire the view towards Sass de Mura and Val Noana from Piàza del Diàol, and then descend into Val Canzoi.