Google Street View: winter mapping of new footpaths

The third phase of the Google Trekker Loan Program in the Dolomites got underway a couple of days ago – the aim is to map new footpaths within the UNESCO Dolomites Property, in particular the scenic circular paths and the family-friendly routes which are also accessible throughout the winter.

In February and March, with the invaluable help of CAI, SAT and the parks belonging to the UNESCO Dolomites Property, the mapping team will be in the nine systems to gather new Street View imagery on foot or with snowshoes.

The mapping project, launched at the end of summer 2014, has been organised into a number of different stages and over the next few months it will enter the third phase.

The mappers will be surrounded by stunning scenery and snowy landscapes as they hike through the territory awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. They will carry a special ‘Trekker’ backpack. This ultra-technological backpack, weighing 18 kg and measuring 1.20 m, is fitted with a sturdy pole with 15 digital cameras.

Discover the trails already posted on Google Street View and the charm of the Pale Mountains!