Have fun getting to know the dolomites!

Click on Dolomitization.

Have you done it? Really? Well then lots more people will read the following lines. Anyone entering Dolomitization is already bound to be lost among the spectacular sights, information on science, history and the natural world, the curiosities and the quiz testing their knowledge of the nine Dolomite systems making up the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dolomitization is an interactive game devised by Dolomiti Project and Royal 360 as a commission for the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation. This is because everyone is a bit of a geologist, landscape painter, conservationist and/or explorer. In short, they are all curious about and anxious to explore new angles for understanding the incredible richness of the Dolomite environment.


This question posed by Dolomitization is an experience that can be enjoyed at any level in that just the collection of photographs can delight the visitor. However, some of the pictures can only be viewed after certain questions have been answered. So here’s the challenge: read the notes, click on the icons leading to sections with more information and then have a go at the quiz. It’s a real live treasure hunt, to be followed by travelling through the fossil archipelago among glaciers, dinosaurs, ancient islands, history and prehistory.


The Dolomitization project is forever extending itself. Having been found to be an effective way of spreading the word about the UNESCO World Heritage Site, from 2015 on, it has had access to funding from the Italian Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism, guaranteed by Italian Law 77/2006. This has made it possible to produce English and German translations and to set up some poster displays in museums and the visitor centres of some parks, including MUSE in Trento, the Belluno Palazzo Fulcis Civil Museum, the Dolomiti Friulane Natural Parkland in Cimolais and the visitor centre of the Tre Cime Natural Parkland in Dobbiaco.