On air, “Dolomites – Mountains, People, Histories” on the TV channel Rai Storia

From 5 January, the programme Dolomiti. Montagne – Uomini – Storie will be showing every Monday for six weeks on Rai Storia (Italian digital terrestrial channel 54). These documentaries created by Piero Badaloni with Fausta Slanzi and featuring the photography of Nicola Berti have already been shown on Rai Storia (September and October 2014) and Rai Italia (October and November 2014).

Inspired by the value placed on the Dolomites by UNESCO, these documentaries tell the story of the area in its entirety, without dividing it up by province or region. Viewers are presented with stunning photography interspersed with interviews and experts talking about the geology, history, culture, economy and, of course, the natural beauty of this World Heritage landscape.

The six 55-minute programmes will be on air late in the evening on Rai Storia (Italian digital terrestrial channel 54), entitled as follows.

1) “La nascita dell’arcipelago” (The Birth of the Archipelago), 2 February 2015

2) “Dalla scoperta alla conquista” (From Discovery to Conquest), 9 February 2015

3) “Il fascino del sublime” (Sublime Magic), 16 February 2015

4) “L’ambiente naturale e la sua tutela” (The Natural Environment and its Protection), 23 February 2015

5) “Gli abitanti dell’arcipelago” (The Inhabitants of the Archipelago), 2 March 2015

6) “Dal passato al futuro” (From the Past to the Future), 9 March 2015