Let’s learn about caring for our natural Heritage out in the field!

From June 26th to 30th this year, 45 young people aged 12 to 17 will have the chance to spend five days in the heart of the Dolomites, learning to tend the paths through the mountains and reflecting on our shared sense of belonging to a World Heritage. Applications must be received by the end of May. This initiative was conceived by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation and SAT, together with the Commissioni Alpinismo Giovanile (Youth Mountaineering Commissions) of Alto Adige, Veneto, and Friuli Venezia Giulia. At the request of the Veneto branch of the CAI (Italian Alpine Club), the Montecchio Maggiore CAI has offered the use of the “Cadore” campsite at Peronaz in Selva di Cadore.

Together, for the Dolomites

A chance to meet each other and be together, developing a sense of belonging to the Dolomites, building relationships and learning about the importance of caring for the land. It is not enough simply to expose young people to the beauty of the mountains, they must also be taught to take care of them. This is especially important at a time when so many paths have suffered the effects of Storm Vaia. Volunteers from the Alpine Clubs have stretched themselves to the limits, and will need to work “overtime” on this task for many years. However, it is not just a matter of training new recruits to maintain the paths, but also of making them understand the importance of the work of the volunteers. Our aim is to get young people interested in this fragile territory, which needs our care and attention, even if only travelled through on foot.

The programme

Applications should be sent to the Commissione Alpinismo Giovanile in your region before the end of May. There are 45 places available. The participants will gather in Cortina on Wednesday 26 June to take part in the celebrations for the tenth anniversary of the UNESCO Dolomites. They will then travel to the Dolomites in the bus provided by Dolomitibus, which will take them to the campsite at Selva di Cadore and the site of the reconstruction of the Serrai di Sottoguda gorge. In the following days, they will go out on various hikes, learning how to indicate the paths, and helping with the signposts and markings on both the flat land and the cliff-faces. However, keeping the paths open requires much more than this: the students will also learn the techniques used to maintain the surface of the paths and to create the various branches. Of course, there will also be some fun activities and time to relax. The students will be accompanied by accredited CAI/SAT assistants and path-building experts for the whole duration of the camp.

Costs and organisation

The cost of taking part is 50 Euros. The organisers have made a list of the equipment the students should bring with them, and advise them not to wear any expensive clothing. As they will be marking the paths with coloured paint, the reason for this is fairly obvious!

Contact details:

SAT (sat@sat.tn.it)

CAI VENETO (segreteria@caiveneto.it)

CAI FVG (presidente@cai-fvg.it)

CAI SOUTH TYROL (segreteria@caialtoadige.it / cpag@caialtoadige.it)