Living the Dolomites

Living the Dolomites

A new video collection to keep in touch with the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site

Interviews, aerial photography, unpublished film clips, educational videos, all in just one web space

The new section of the website is dedicated to all those who love the UNESCO Dolomites and wish to learn from the experience of the people who live and work in the place that draws the envy of the world.

Living the Dolomites not only gathers the stories of people living in the Dolomites but it also presents educational film clips made by those who work in the Dolomites and want to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. You can find extracts of the documentary Dolomiti. Montagne – Uomini – Storie (The Dolomites. Mountains, people and their stories), interviews recorded among the Pale Mountains and spectacular photography displaying the beauty of these famous peaks from the air.

A video journey that gathers together in a single web space the main videos showing in detail all it means to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A video channel in constant growth. Now you too can follow its evolution!