#mountainhutlife: at work for ten “non-events” in the Summer

The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation and the Mountain Hut Managers of the World Heritage Site are setting up a calendar of a dozen or so events in the Dolomites to help alpine visitors understand that the meaning of their high-elevation experience is already all there, under their feet and in front of their eyes.

Rifugio Bergamo Mountain Hut, ph. Moreno Geremetta

Ph. Moreno Geremetta

How the campaign came about

No sooner said than done (or almost done!). Last November, while in Pieve di Cadore (BL) for their annual meeting, the Mountain Hut Managers of the World Heritage Site had expressed their willingness to continue with the communication campaign aimed at new visitors to the mountains, to make them aware of the difficulty of life at high elevations and the importance of sharing the responsibility of a sustainable approach. How? By expanding the #mountainhutlife video format to include a series of live meetings for simply reflecting on some important and consequential issues for the mountains, such as the climate crisis, and directly showing some little-known aspects of the manager’s job, such as water and energy supplies, waste disposal, and interacting with customers in such a way as to make them responsible in terms of prudence and respect for the environment. The idea came from the conviction that visiting the mountains does not require distractions and is dedicated to visitors who do not need stimuli other than the opportunity to contemplate the sublime beauty of the Dolomite Heritage and understand the complexity of living at high-elevations before setting out.

Stay tuned for dates and locations

Keep following the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation‘s social media pages (facebook, instagram, X), website and monthly newsletter to stay updated on the dates and locations of the #mountainhutlife “non-events”. We can anticipate that there will be about ten rendezvous, three of which will be dedicated to geotrekking in protected areas. The others will follow an extremely simple formula: reach the mountain hut independently, have lunch, reflect together with some qualified guests on how the environment and visits to the mountains are changing, and listen to the mountain hut managers describe how they live and work in these rustic high-elevation facilities in the light of those same changes.