Noi Dolomiti UNESCO: fifth season on the air and online

The fifth edition of Noi Dolomiti UNESCO, the programme that gives a voice to people who embody World Heritage values, is about to begin. Over two hundred stories have already been told in the first four years, during which we met quality producers, scientists, mountain hut managers, alpine guides, cultural organisers, tour operators, mountaineers, writers, administrators and museum curators, and tackled contemporary issues such as the depopulation of the mountains, the patterns of tourism in the Dolomites, and the effects of climate change at high elevations. This mosaic of faces and voices comprises a great collective story that was put together piece by piece, and you can review it in its entirety, including past editions, on the Dolomites UNESCO social media channels (FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube) and here.

Where to see the new episodes

The fifth season of Noi Dolomiti UNESCO will be aired by various local and national broadcasters: 7Gold, Antenna 3, Telefriuli, Trentino TV, Alto Adige TV, Telebelluno and Teledolomiti, as well as on the social media channels of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation. As always, both the fifteen-minute full version and the individual three to four-minute clips will be available; some of these have gone viral in recent years thanks both to the sharing of local communities and visitors to the mountains and to the simplicity and spontaneity of the stories.

Focus on the mountain huts

Meanwhile, the #mountainhutlife campaign has already paved the way for the summer season (with surprising success!). Many short videos in which the managers directly talk about a single aspect of their activities, in order to sensitise visitors to the theme of environmental sustainability and make them aware of the place they are in, encouraging them to appreciate even some lack of comfort as an integral part of the experience. The broader story of Noi Dolomiti UNESCO will also continue this summer, during which there will also be space for all the other aspects of life at high elevations and for highlighting the role of managers as custodians of the World Heritage Site.

How it’s done

The Noi Dolomiti UNESCO project was conceived and implemented by journalist Giambattista Zampieri, backpack over his shoulder, microphone in hand, and with only one video camera. His approach is journalistic and, for this very reason, simple and direct; the fairy-tale landscapes of the Dolomites enrich the overall image of the show, but its fulcrum is always the stories of the people who live there and take on the difficulties, challenges and opportunities of living at high elevations every day.