Oltre le Vette: back to the mountains

Event ended


We should pay more attention to those people with new ideas who are returning to live in the mountains, even if their number can in no way compensate for the mass exodus that has taken place in recent decades. This will be the common theme of the twenty-fourth edition of “Oltre le Vette, mountain metaphors, people and places“, due to take place from 2 to 11 October. This cultural event is sponsored by the Municipality of Belluno and organised by the Fondazione Teatri delle Dolomiti.

Unstable equilibriums

The event involves the collaboration of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, the Trento Film Festival and the Giovanni Angelini Foundation. The official image chosen for this year’s edition is a particularly meaningful work by the Cadore artist Maurizio De Lotto, entitled “Unstable equilibriums”. The equilibrium between man and the environment is unstable, but nevertheless essential, and in the mountains the degree of instability is in direct proportion to the need to meet this challenge. If we fail to do so, we may either destroy the environment or make it uninhabitable for man. The theme of this edition aims to focus our attention on the signs of a return to the mountains, often involving young people who want to escape the discord of city life and pursue work linked to the primary sector, to organic farming, or to technological innovation.

A COVID-proof edition of Oltre le Vette

The anti Covid-19 regulations have clearly affected how the various events are organised, with limitations on space and the size of audiences. Nevertheless, the programme in all its forms will still take place in the usual way from 2 to 11 October, attracting mountain enthusiasts to Belluno as in previous years. The team responsible for organising the festival is being managed and coordinated by Valeria Benni, while the individual sections are being curated by Francesco Vascellari for mountaineering, Flavio Faoro, for books and films, Diego Cason, for topics related to sociological aspects, and Valentina Ciprian, for communications.