On the snow with ARTVA, probe and shovel: a word from the National Mountain and Cave Rescue Service (CNSAS)

The rules set forth in Decree No. 40 of 28 February 2021, which introduces new rules of conduct for the slopes, came into force on the first of January 2022. The new rules include obligatory helmet use for children up to the age of 18, insurance (which must also be carried by hikers and snowshoers) for damage or injuries caused to third parties, and obligatory outfitting with an ARTVA shovel and snow probe. The decree speaks of “particular snow-covered environments, where snow and weather conditions pose avalanche hazards”, a definition that led the CAI to ask for interpretative clarification. We talked about safety in snowy environments with Alex Barattin, spokesperson for Belluno Dolomites Alpine Rescue, who launches an appeal in the following interview: “Just buying this equipment is not enough; you have to learn how to use it correctly by doing simulations: Belluno Dolomites Alpine Rescue, the CAI and Alpine Guides also organise evening events for this purpose, but it is important to at least read the instructions carefully“.