The World Heritage Site’s new website online

The new website of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation has been published, after months of development for a new look, and enhanced functionality and content.

An easily accessible point of reference

Over the years, the portal at has become a vital point of reference for information on the World Heritage site. The increase in content has accompanied a growing interest from the public and led to the need to make it even more functional in terms of navigation, especially from mobile phones, and to enhance its specificity. When people browse the Dolomites World Heritage website, they are not looking for tourist information but want to find out about the significance of the Dolomites’ inclusion in the World Heritage List, the geological and landscape values that determined it, the features of the nine Dolomites Systems, the activities of the Operating Networks, the numerous projects initiated by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, and the many initiatives supported or promoted directly in the area.

Three languages, one voice

The site is available in three languages: Italian, German and English. The common language is that of active conservation of the Heritage, appreciation of everything the local communities put in place to guarantee that conservation, and information on the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation. The site was created to offer the Provinces and the Regions a platform for interfacing with each other and implementing effective protection policies, which always involve sharing with citizens and their active participation and are therefore able to overcome the many cultural, social and economic differences in these valleys. Navigation also allows users of the site to immerse themselves in a visual experience within the nine systems that make up the Dolomites World Heritage Site and to broaden their view of the entire network of information, which is useful for experiencing the region with the right type of awareness.