Online videos that tell us about “The Other Mountains”

The general public can now watch a series of videos produced by the ISOIPSE Association, in collaboration with Cosenude Media Projects SRLS, for the “L’Altra Montagna” (The Other Mountains) project. The initiative resulted from the agreement between the University of Udine and the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, within the context of the Functional Networks of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation. The work formed the culmination of a process of shared narrative involving the two communities of Forni di Sopra and Val Còlvera, both in System 4 of the UNESCO Dolomites (Dolomiti Friulane and d’Oltre Piave).

Balance and silence

The videos are designed to help promote these two areas, and focus particularly on the precarious balance between man and the environment, which is still relatively stable in the Dolomiti Friulane. To bring out the particular character of Forni di Sopra and Val Còlvera, it was decided to avoid all the advertising clichés, and explore the other face of the mountains, focusing on the silence that surrounds these valleys and encourages one to listen more carefully. The videos were only made available to the public after being shared with the communities involved in their creation.

A journey through the territory, with the territory

Indeed, the “Other Mountains” project put the local inhabitants centre stage, by arranging a series of meetings which focused on the special features and unique qualities of their respective communities. This is therefore an example of how to create a real communication project based on the knowledge of local inhabitants, with regard to the values in terms of landscape, geology, culture and society that characterise “their” Dolomites. The work group of the University of Udine, comprising Professor Francesco Marangon of the Department of Economic Sciences and Statistics; Professor Andrea Guaran of the Department of Languages and Literature, Communication, Training and Society; and Professor Mauro Pascolini, of the same Department, the person responsible for the Convention and member of the Scientific Committee of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation. The “ISOIPSE Sinergie. Strategie. Territorio”– Social Enterprise pooled the skills and creativity of Alice Cason, Chiara Zanetti, Valentina De Marchi and Alessandro De Bon and joined forces with Cosenude Media Projects SRLS.