Photos by Alessandra Masi show the Dolomites UNESCO to China

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Photos by Alessandra Masi show the Dolomites UNESCO to China

Our tenth anniversary of World Heritage status ended in splendour with a display of photos by Alessandra Masi, on show from 22 December to 6 January at the Gran Caffé Tiziano in Pieve di Cadore. Masi is a supporter of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, and two of her photos were also exhibited in Rome, representing the Dolomite Heritage in the context of the Italy-China Cultural Forum.

Dolomites: between Illusion and Reality

The exhibition at the Gran Caffè Tiziano was promoted by the Municipality of Pieve di Cadore, the Magnifica Comunità di Cadore, the local CAI section, the Alpine Rescue service and the Ragni group, and also received backing from the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation. “Dolomites: between Illusion and Reality” was the title of an exhibition that presented both the sublime beauty of the Dolomite landscape and the amazing details that make its flora so unique. The images ranged from reflections on water to tiny flowers, from the sunrises and sunsets that turn the peaks fiery red to the starry skies that inspire us at night and suggest strange astronomical events.

A love of the Dolomites

Alessandra Masi was born in Pieve di Cadore and has developed her interest in photography over the last ten years. Her love for the Dolomite region, and in particular for local landmarks such as the Spalti di Toro, the Marmarole and the Val Vedorcia, led to her decision to become a supporter of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation. Her photos can therefore be used to illustrate and promote our World Heritage, like those of all the other photographers who support the Foundation and offer their services for its statutory purposes, so joining one of the most active and energised bodies associated with UNESCO recognition.

Two photos show the Dolomites to the Chinese

Two images by Alessandra Masi were chosen to represent the Dolomites in the context of the Italy-China Cultural Forum. An exhibition featuring images of 55 Italian UNESCO sites and 55 Chinese sites opened on 21 January at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. It provides a way to establish the cultural dialogue between the two countries, starting with their greatest highlights in terms of culture and environment. The Dolomites naturally had to be included, thanks to their amazing landscape and unique geology. Both these aspects were captured by Alessandra Masi, in the way that only photography can convey to the observer. So while 2019, our tenth anniversary year, ended with a “tribute exhibition” to the Dolomites, 2020 began with a global audience being shown the amazing beauty of these mountains in the photos of Alessandra Masi.