Prize for undergraduates

Young people who are thinking of focusing their degree thesis on issues related to the conservation, promotion and enhancement of the Dolomites World Heritage site, can compete for the “Ten years of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites” Degree Award. Applications are open until 26 July 2021.


The award was set up by the Autonomous Province of Trento, with help from the tsm|step School for the Management of Territory and Landscape, and forms part of the coordinated activities of the Education and Scientific Research Network of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation. The first competition was specifically for graduates, and culminated with an award ceremony on 21 January. This second competition is for undergraduates, and will remain open until 26 July 2021. Applicants must present a three-year or master’s degree thesis on the conservation, promotion and enhancement of the Dolomite Heritage, at some point between 27 June 2019 and 26 June 2021.

Active Dolomite citizenship

The aim of the award is to shine a spotlight on study and research work that relates to the UNESCO Dolomites, while supporting the participation and active citizenship of the younger generation. If you study the area where you live, you also take on the responsibility for treating it thoughtfully, and for helping to find useful ways to improve and enhance it. Being an active citizen is important in itself, but being one in a World Heritage site implies an even greater responsibility: to preserve and promote an asset that belongs to all of humanity. This can be achieved through political choices, and with individual behaviour, but it also requires study and scientific research, the real basis for every personal or collective decision.

The awards are worth € 1,000 each, and further information is available from the tsm|step School for the Management of Territory and Landscape

Ph. Alessandra Masi