Social media on climate change

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On Thursday 3 December at 6 p.m. the social media channels of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation are going live for a discussion with the writer Matteo Righetto and the climatologist Roberto Barbiero about the “global fever” of climate change, and its effects on life, the environment and the story of the mountains.

The mountains “after us”

“Bruno sighed and appeared to be thinking about it. After a moment’s silence he said: ‘It’s Man who’ll be finished, not the world. It was the bees who told me.'” In I Prati Dopo di Noi” (The Meadows After Us) (publ. Feltrinelli), the writer Matteo Righetto focuses on the subject of climate change and the repercussions for people living in the mountains. The author was the winner of the UNESCO Dolomites Special Award in 2019, in the context of the “Pordenonelegge” book festival. Righetto describes a fevered world, with “dry, brown” mountains sticking up at its edges: “Every day, flocks of unfortunate wretches arrived, fleeing from the scorching, epidemic-infested plains, vainly begging for shelter.”

Change is happening now

The theme will be addressed from a scientific point of view by Roberto Barbiero, physicist, climatologist and science writer, as well as coordinator of the Provincial Round Table for Action on Climate Change of the Autonomous Province of Trento. He has been involved not only in studying climate change, but also in telling others about it in his Storie di Clima” (Climate Stories) (publ. Ediciclo), co-written with Valentina Musumeci. The climatologist, Luca Mercalli, notes in the preface: “Global warming is often seen as an abstract, distant event that will arrive at an unspecified time in the future and affect someone else – if not indeed ignored or categorically denied. Instead, it is already happening and impacting the lives of millions of people.”

Ph. Maso Lü de Pincha