Film Festival – two awards between custody and memory

The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation also left its mark on the 2023 edition of the “Bolzano Film Festival Bozen” and the “Trento Film Festival”. In fact, since 2017, both festivals have hosted the awards ceremony for the UNESCO Dolomites Special Award to authors whose works interpret the values underlying UNESCO recognition.

Rossitti’s ‘Custodians’ awarded in Trento

At the Trento Film Festival, the Special Award jury (composed of members of the Scientific Committee of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation Mauro Pascolini and Annibale Salsa, and SAT [Tridentine Mountaineering Society] board members Maria Carla Failo and Massimiliano Corradini) bestowed the award on the documentary ‘Custodi’ [Custodians] by Marco Rossitti, a film that talks about the region and a feeling of belonging and identity driven by the will to build, defend and preserve the places we live in. Caring for the land and seeking a balance between man and nature are messages consistent with the responsibilities associated with the inclusion of the Dolomites on the World Heritage list.

Il regista Rossitti premiato da Anna Facchini presidente della SAT e da Mara Nemela direttrice Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO

Ph. Anna Maines 

Work on Umberto Eco library awarded in Bolzano

Davide Ferrario, author of the documentary filmUmberto Eco – La Biblioteca del Mondo” [Umberto Eco – The World Library], received the UNESCO Dolomites Special Award at the “Bolzano Film Festival Bozen”, as decided by a jury composed of the coordinator of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Department of Nature, Landscape and Spatial Development of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-Alto Adige, Elisabeth Berger; the member of the Scientific Committee of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, Walter Angonese; the provincial director of the AVS, Peter Righi; Carlo Grenzi for the CAI Alto Adige; and Dorothea Vieider for the Bolzano Film Club. Davide Ferrario’s work is a journey through the vast collection of ancient and modern works crammed into the private library of Umberto Eco’s home in Milan. A theme only apparently distant from the values of the Dolomites World Heritage Site: the reference to culture as the memory of humanity is, in fact, one of the cornerstones that determined the establishment of UNESCO, and the environmental and geological values of a Natural Heritage Site such as the Dolomites must also be experienced and preserved with the same attention to future generations and to the inheritance of the Site of which we are only the guardians and never the masters.

Un frame dal documentario dedicato a Umberto Eco

Ph. frame from documentary «Umberto Eco – La biblioteca del Mondo»