An online space for Supporter engagement

Since November 2014, the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation has adopted a new tool to inform and foster participation of Supporters in its activity for conservation, awareness and promotion of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. Until 2018, an online platform was used through which Supporters could interact with each other and with the Foundation. Since 2018, a tool offered by the most famous social network, Facebook, was adopted with the creation of a “private group”.

Supporter of UNESCO Dolomites Foundation

Ph. Christian Bigontina

It is essential for the Foundation to engage with Supporters as much as possible, rooted as they are in the different valleys of the Dolomites, and thus a source of news and operational input, as well as an ideal point of connection between the Foundation and local areas. And while it is not always possible to meet in person, the Internet is always an option. Members of the private group on Facebook can firstly access the daily press review service offered by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, as well as commenting and creating new posts. Only Supporters registered in the Group can read and interact with content published by the Foundation or my members of the Board.