The “animated” Dolomites

Millions of years of history… in 4 minutes. The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation has produced a video that explains the value of our Dolomites heritage, describing their geology and landscape in a way that is clear to everyone, including children.

A cartoon to explain the Dolomites

The project was executed by Elena Anna Manfré and Cerruti Comunicazione Treviso in line with the provisions of Law no. 77 of 20 February 2006: “Special measures for the protection and use of Italian sites of cultural, landscape and environmental interest, included in the “World Heritage” list and placed under the protection of UNESCO.”

The aim was to provide some basic ideas about the geological and landscape value of the Dolomites World Heritage Site, and to promote that sense of belonging to the Heritage that must be nurtured at an early age. However, it is also important to develop a sense of responsibility for managing the territory among the communities that live in it. The video therefore aims to achieve this other objective, helped by the fact that it is quite brief, and uses clear, direct language; indeed, it can be easily screened on a variety of channels (social media and TV).

Many languages, one message

The video was produced in Italian and then dubbed into English and German; it describes the series of geological events that led to the formation of the Dolomites, alternating animated content with photographic images. Watching the video certainly makes one more aware of the unique geology and landscape of the Dolomites, and underlines the huge significance of UNESCO recognition. And the implication is that everyone – whatever their age or status – can play an active part, making a maximum effort to conserve our wonderful Heritage.