The Dolomites will be back in newsagents on 19 September with the newspapers “Trentino” and “Alto Adige”

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First it was Veneto and Friuli, now it is the turn of Trentino Alto Adige: on Wednesday 19 September the daily newspapers “Trentino” and “Alto Adige” will be releasing the first of the six DVDs of the documentary “Dolomiti. Montagne – Uomini – Storie (The Dolomites. Mountains, people and their stories)” by Piero Badaloni with the collaboration of Fausta Slanzi and with photography and editing by Nicola Berti – so save the date!

Each of the six DVDs will be on sale for the whole week at the price of Euro 7.8 plus the cost of the paper.


The release of the DVDs in the Trento and Bolzano provinces marks the conclusion of the venture between the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation and a number of local newspapers: in Veneto the “Corriere delle Alpi”, “La Tribuna di Treviso” and “La Nuova Venezia”, in Friuli Venezia Giulia “Il Messaggero Veneto” and “Il Piccolo”, and now the “Trentino” and “Alto Adige”. Piero Badaloni’s documentaries had already proved very popular with the public, thanks in part to their television screenings, but their sheer wealth of images and accounts is a legacy no family in the Dolomites should be without. In today’s world where we share every single moment of our lives with others, the six episodes are a real breath of fresh air; you can sit down and immerse yourself in the mountains, the people and their stories then get up and go back to your life in the Dolomites with greater awareness that you are living in, or maybe just visiting, a World Heritage Site. While it is important to promote the mountains to those who are not familiar with them, it is just as important for us to share our experiences, look at ourselves in the mirror, come to a better understanding of ourselves and our neighbours. This is the reasoning behind making the documentary available in the five provinces and the regions which make up the nine Dolomite systems recognised by UNESCO.


The first DVD to come out with the “Trentino” and “Alto Adige” on 19 September contains the first episode of the documentary: “The archipelago is born”. Piero Badaloni’s journey begins with the volcanic eruptions, mass extinctions and Ice Ages which accompanied the growth of the Dolomites.

The journey will continue over the following weeks with the daring Dolomite expeditions that began in 1800: “From discover to conquest”.

“The allure of the sublime” is the title and theme of the third episode: how have the Dolomites been interpreted by different artists over the centuries? The answer is an archipelago of symphonies, novels, poetry and painting dedicated to the Pale Mountains.

Flora and fauna are the protagonists of the fourth episode (“The natural environment and its protection”), which shows the measures taken over the centuries to preserve them, like the institution of the ancient system of collective management, the “Regole”. This leads us to the subject of the fifth stage of the journey: “The inhabitants of the archipelago” is dedicated to the people who live and work in the Dolomites, sometimes in difficult conditions. The documentary concludes with a glimpse at the past and the future, from the First World War to modern-day tourism, from the Olympics in 1956 to the popularity of the refuges.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about the Dolomites, on sale at newsagents in the provinces of Trento and Bolzano from 19 September.