The impact of the Olympics among the topics of the Thesis Award

The Award for the best thesis on the Dolomites World Heritage Site is back. The award was established by the Autonomous Province of Trento as part of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation Education and Scientific Research Network coordination activities through the tsm l step School for Regional and Landscape Management.

Pieve di Cadore e le MarmarolePh. Alessandra Masi

Stimulating research in the Dolomites

The award aims to stimulate research into the conservation and enhancement of the Heritage, as well as communications on the topic, and to promote participation and active citizenship among the younger generations. The theses may deal with the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site from a variety of perspectives, with constant reference to the values expressed by the World Heritage Conservation Convention and other international conventions such as the European Landscape Convention and the Alpine Convention.

An eye on current events: towards Milan/Cortina 2026

With 2026 approaching, special attention has been paid to the relationship between the Dolomites and the Milan/Cortina Olympic Games, particularly with regard to the impact the event may have on the area. This is a valuable opportunity for the students to engage with a highly topical and relevant interpretation of the theme and for the sponsors to broaden the range of analyses to the possible scenarios that will characterise the Dolomite landscape in the short, medium and long terms.

Who can participate

All young graduates and undergraduates who have completed or are working on a bachelor’s or master’s thesis on the conservation, communication and enhancement of the Heritage between 27 June 2021 and 26 June 2024 are eligible to apply. Two cash prizes of one thousand euros each will be awarded; the application form is available on the tsm | step School for Regional and Landscape Management website and must be submitted by e-mail to: by 26 July 2024.